Jeffrey J. DaCosta | Past Works Portfolio

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Images # 1, 2  "X-45 U.C.A.V. Weather vane" 2005           

4' x 9' 
Recycled Aluminum

      This work was created as a signifier of our times as well as a predictor of the future. Influenced by the first unmanned intercontinental drone flight in 2002, the piece appropriates a silhouette of the drone as a pointer and the trailing arc of a guided bomb as its arm. the directional points for north, south, east, and west are exchanged for binary codes of ones and zeros, the technological language of our time. the work is less a polarized political statement and more a passive reflector of the present and implied future.


Images # 3-7: " Path of Knowledge" 2003  Collaboration with Louie Rose and Andrew Bertoff

40" x 12" x 13"
Wood, bronze, silicone.

      This works was a group project and is comprised of four objects, a silicone tongue and a cross section of the inner ear, the human brain, and heart sealed in a clear case. The work is a metaphor for how information is disseminated , understood and ultimately internalized. First information is spoken via the tongue. Secound it enters the ear, third it is interpreted in the brain, and fourth it is taken into the heart and thus influences our emotion and lives. This process is demonstrated through a gassing process that occurs as the silicone tongue cures. ammonia evaporates from the tongue and patinas the bronze objects over time giving them a emerald green color that continues over a period of years. In this way the concept is actuated and the piece is a merger of science and romantic perspectives.


Images # 8-12: "Fish Boat" Kansas City Art Institute Flotation Project 2003

Performance, Collaboration with Amber Schneider

4' x 5' x 10'

      The flotation project is a exercise for all sophomore sculpture students in which they are required to make a single work that is capable of supporting their weight for at least 10 minutes on open water. 

Images # 13, 14: "Tire Figure" 2003, 

Recycled car tires, concrete, steel  

The figure serves as an exercise in combined media and recycled materials.  

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