Jeff DaCosta | Artist Statement

        "Fascinated by history and the subtleties of culture, I view my artwork as a process of social investigation and discourse. With areas of focus ranging from the military class to land use in the American west, much of what I create is a search for honest dialog on complex themes."

       Because these subjects can be difficult to traverse, I often work in multiples or create installations (Great Exchange 1, dead space) for more effective exploration.  In every instance, the development of a piece relies on extensive research, personal observation, and a commitment to allowing the idea to determine the media and form it will take. This approach results in a wide range of media and processes that include traditional quilts, carbon fiber, and metal casting. Conceptual moorings within my work are equally diverse and depict literal material conversions (Resource Resist) as well as contemporary reinterpretations of a romantic past (Thermal Painting series).

       Emotional response, historical legacy, and political reasoning are all paths of interpretation within my work. Yet, my objective is not to offer clear distinction, meaning, or solution to the viewer. Rather, my hope is to set the conditions for inquiry and use form and imagery to create works that draw from the past to realize the present."